Anime and Manga Drawing Tutorials and All Things Anime

How to Draw Anime & Manga Male & Female Hair

Anime maile and female hair

This tutorial explains the fundamentals of drawing different types of both male and female anime and manga hair. It also provides detailed example drawings from the front side and back views.

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4 Ways to Draw Crying Anime Eyes

Crying anime eyes

This tutorial explains how to draw crying anime and manga eyes in four different variations as well as how to place anime eyes on the head. It also has some basic example of drawing a crying face overall but the main focus is on the eyes.

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8 Key Steps to Make Your Own Manga

Drawing manga

Making a real manga requires a lot of time and dedication as well as artistic skill but don’t let that discourage you form trying. You have to start somewhere.

This tutorial provides some step by step tips on how to plan out your manga before you start drawing as well as some drawing tips for when you do.

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4 Important Steps to Make Your Own Manga or Anime Character

Manga style ninja girl

If you are looking to create your own manga or perhaps even your own animation you will probably have to draw and design at least one protagonist.

Even if you feel quite comfortable with your drawing ability properly designing a character that you will draw over and over can be challenging. The following tutorial offers some tips on the most important steps of making your own manga or anime character.

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12 Anime Facial Expressions Chart & Drawing Tutorial

Anime face expressions

This step by step tutorial explains how to draw some of the more popular anime and manga facial expressions. The examples are of a female anime face but some of the same principals can also be applied to drawing male faces.

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How to Draw an Anime Guy Body Step By Step Tutorial

Draw anime guy

This detailed step by step tutorial illustrates how to draw a male character in the anime and manga style. The main focus is on various male body proportions.

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How to Draw Anime and Manga Eyes to Show Personality

Villain and innocent anime eyes

This short tutorial focuses on how to draw anime and manga eyes to give a sense of a characters personality.

This is similar to the How to Draw Anime Eyes and Eye Expressions but with a slightly different purpose.

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How to Draw Different Types of Anime and Manga Eyes

anime eye types

Anime eyes are one of the most definitive characteristics of the anime and manga drawing style. Depending on the artist and the type of character that is portrayed there are almost countless variations.

This tutorial focuses on some of the more common types of anime and manga eyes and looks at some potential reasons as to why they are drawn the way they are.

You can also look at the How to Draw Anime Eyes and Eye Expressions tutorial on this site for some more detailed instructions.

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How to Draw Anime and Manga Feet in Different Positions

Anime feet on toes

This tutorial provides some tips on drawing feet in the anime and manga styles in several different positions from different views.

You may also want to check the the How to Draw Anime and Manga Feet From Different Views tutorial before looking at this one if you have not already done so. It provides some detailed instructions on the basics of drawing feet.

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Perspective Drawing Tutorial for Beginners and How it Relates to Anime

Cube in perspective

To put it in very simple terms perspective is objects that are further away appearing smaller than those that are closer to the viewer.

In art the correct use of perspective is very important as it can make a flat image appear to have depth and volume.

This tutorial will illustrate the basics of perspective drawing and explain how these are applied to drawing anime and manga.

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