Anime and Manga Drawing Tutorials and All Things Anime

How to Draw an Anime School Girl in 6 Steps

Anime school girl drawing

This detailed step by step tutorial explains how to draw a girl in the anime style wearing a school or college uniform in three quarter view. It covers everything going from the basic structure of the body to a colored and shaded detailed drawing.

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8 Step Anime Woman’s Head & Face Drawing Tutorial

Anime woman

This tutorial explains how to draw an anime woman’s head and face step by step. The focus is on how to draw a middle aged female character’s facial features as well as on common anime facial proportions for that character type.

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How to Draw Anime & Manga Eyes – Side View

Anime eye side view

This tutorial explains how to draw anime and manga style eyes from the side view in different states and with different expressions using step by step examples.

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One Point Perspective Room Drawing Tutorial – Step by Step

One point perspective room

This step by step tutorial explains how to draw a room in one point point perspective. The example is a bedroom but the same principals can be applied to drawing other rooms with different objects and furniture.

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How to Draw Anime & Manga Mouths – Side View

Anime mouth

This tutorial explains how to draw anime and manga style mouths from the side (profile view) in different states (closed, open, etc…) and with different expressions.

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How to Draw Male Anime Eyes

Male anime eyes

This tutorial explains the specifics of drawing male anime and manga eyes. The guidelines in this tutorial incorporate some of the common elements seen in anime eyes but different steps can be changed, added or removed based on style.

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How to Draw Anime & Manga Glasses

anime glasses

This tutorial will look at some common practices when drawing anime glasses. For the most part anime and manga glasses are drawn similar to real glasses but there are a few things that make them a little different from other styles.

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How to Draw Anime Facial Hair – Beards & Mustaches

Anime facial hair

This tutorial looks at drawing anime facial hair including beards, mustaches and sideburns. Just as other facial features a particular style of facial hair can help emphasize a certain type of character.

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16 Examples of How to Draw Chibi Anime Facial Expressions

Anime chibi happy face

This tutorial looks at drawing chibi character facial expressions. Chibi characters are highly simplified versions of the anime or manga style drawn with huge heads and tiny bodies. Chibi expressions take the bare minimum needed to convey a certain emotion and can save an artist a lot of time. For this reason they can even be used as “cut-ins” in more serious styles of anime or manga.

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8 Steps to Start Your Own Anime Blog or Website

Blog icon

This post is a quick walkthough of the basics for those interested in starting their own anime blog. It explains the steps involved in setting up a website and provides tips on what can help a blogger be a successful.

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