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How to Draw Different Styles of Anime Heads & Faces

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This tutorial looks at how to draw different types/styles of anime and manga heads and  faces going from the more common styles to the more stylized (also known as “Chibi”).

How Anime Heads Differ From One Another Based on Style

Anime heads

Different types of anime heads

In the above example you can see the difference between the various styles of anime heads.

The more stylized faces are generally drawn rounder.

You can start drawing anime heads in any style by first drawing a circle for the top of the head and drawing the lower half after.

Drawing Facial Features in Different Styles

Anime head and face types

Anime head and face types

When drawing the facial features in any style you can use the following guidelines (also found in other tutorial on this site).

Anime facial features

Anime facial features

  1. Have a vertical line through the middle of the head to help you place the facial features more evenly on both sides of the head.
  2. Draw a horizontal line through the middle of the head and draw the eyes below that.
  3. Draw the nose halfway between the middle of the face and the chin.
  4. Draw the mouth slightly above the halfway point between the nose and the chin.
Anime eye comparison

Anime eye comparison

The main change in facial features going from a less stylized to a more stylized anime face is in the eyes. Draw the eyes larger and “taller” for a more stylized “Chibi” face. You can also avoid drawing the bottom eyelashes in the more stylized versions.

For more examples of drawing anime eyes see:

How to Draw Different Types of Anime and Manga Eyes

Anime eyebrow comparison

Anime eyebrow comparison

For less stylized anime and manga characters you can draw the eyebrows covered by the hair (if the hair goes down that far). For more stylized characters draw the eyelashes right over top the hair.

In the very stylized chibi faces you can avoid drawing the nose all together.

You can draw the mouth pretty much the same across most styles (single line). Though in some very realistic anime styles or if the character is wearing lipstick the mouths are drawn slightly different.

Different Styles of Anime Faces

Finally below are examples of fully drawn anime heads and faces in different styles.

Anime faces common style

Anime faces common style

These are probably the most commonly used in anime and manga.

Anime faces Semi Chibi

Anime faces more stylized

Slightly more stylized characters that are still fairly common.

Anime faces Chibi

Anime faces very stylized “Chibi”

Very stylized characters usually draw with huge heads and tiny bodies. These are often common in kid’s show or old RPG’s.


This tutorial covered some of the basics of drawing different styles of anime faces but obviously there are a lot more styles and variations out there. You can experiment combining different aspects from different styles and see what you can come up with.

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