Raiderz Free to Play MMORPG Review

Raiderz is a new  free to play MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment that focuses on “Monster Hunting” and features an action combat system that is somewhat similar to that of Guild Wars 2.

Before I get too much into the details of the game let me say that this appears to be more than just another run of the mill free to play MMO. From what I’ve seen so far this looks like a quality game that is actually quite a bit of fun to play.

I am not going to talk about every aspect of Raiderz in this review but I will do a quick coverage of the basics so that you can determine if you want to give it a try.


The game feature an action combat system similar to games like Guild Wars 2. But unlike GW2 there is no tab targeting and the character attacks are a little more like those in a fighting game in that you can’t simply run around at full speed and attack at the same time. Characters will pause to do their attack animations.


Right now the game features four classes:

Defender, Berserker, Cleric and Sorcerer.

Although picking a class may not be all that important due to the way the way Raiderz implements its character skills.

Skills and Abilities

The game appears to utilize a “Talent Tree” system for both active abilities and passive benefits. Each class get their own set of talents BUT you can also grab talents from OTHER classes! That’s right you can take the talents and abilities of a Cleric and put them on a Berserker! Of course as for how useful these will be to you is another question.


Yes the game feature a questing system like many other MMOs. I personally don’t see a problem with this as so far the quests have been fast and fun with a big boss like fight at the end of the quest chains. These big fights appear to be what the game is all about.

Monster Hunting

The focus of the game is supposed to be “Monster Hunting”. So while you may see plenty of small creatures running around what you are really going to be after are the bigger “boss like” monsters which are quite a bit harder to defeat. You will actually have to watch what these guys are doing and react accordingly or else you might find your characters HP bar depleted.

The World

The game can be said to have an “open world”. By that I mean that there are loading screens from zone to zone but the zones themselves are fairly open and you can run from one area to another instead of having to select  a “travel to” option form a menu.

Character Customization

This is the one area where the game is slightly lacking. There does not seem to be an option to adjust your character’s body size or to fine tune any of their other features.  You can however select various preset options for the face and hair plus a few other things.

Perhaps there might be a “pay for” feature to further customize your character.


The game is beautiful! The characters, monsters and environment are all very well detailed. The game is not cartoony like some other MMOs out there but there does seem to be a slight hint of anime influence.


Raiderz appears to be a quality game that if given the right direction and enough resources  should be able to hold its own even against subscription based MMOs.

Of course being able to download and play the game for free is great as well.

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