How to Draw Anime and Manga Feet From Different Views

Feet are comprised of so many irregular shapes and can sometimes be difficult to draw.

This tutorial provides some useful tips along with examples that can help you learn how to draw anime feet from different views.

How to Start Drawing Anime Feet in Any View

Anime feet drawings in different views

Anime feet in different views

Anime or manga feet just like like other anime styled body part are simplified version of real feet. Feet in anime often tend to be less stylized (closer to real feet) then other parts such as the face for example.

The size and shape of feet can obviously vary quite a bit but for the sake of this tutorial we will draw the feet of what would probably be those of a young adult. But the same principles can apply when drawing all feet.

For feet in any view start by drawing an overall outline of the shape of the foot.  Next draw a rough outline of each of the toes. Leave the smaller details like all of the bends and curves for after you do this. You want to get the overall proportions of the foot first. This will help you avoid mistakes when drawing the smaller details.

Drawing Anime Feet From Top and Bottom Views

Anime feet drawing in top view

Anime feet top view

These are good views to start with as they let you see a lot of the foot.

As mentioned above start by drawing  the overall outline of the foot first. The foot will be wider towards the toes and narrower towards the heel.

Pay attention to the proportions to make sure the toes are properly sized in relation to one another. The big toes will obviously be the biggest (about twice as wide as the other toes).

Drawing Anime Feet From Side Views

Anime feed drawing in side view

Anime feet side view

If you are drawing the foot from the side of the small toe then all the other toes will be visible regardless of the view angle.

If you are drawing the foot close to eye level like we are in this tutorial the smaller toes will not be visible when you are looking at the big toe side of the foot.

Whichever side you are drawing draw the foot like a slope going higher up towards the heel and lower down towards the toes.

When drawing the foot from the big toe side there will be a curve between the toes and the heel.

Drawing Anime Feet From Front and Back Views

Anime feet drawing in front view

Anime feet front view

When drawing the foot in the front view keep in mind that the toes combined are not as wide as the actual foot. This is one common mistake many people seem to make when drawing in this view.

To help you get the proportions you can draw some light vertical lines to indicate width of each toe. Do this before drawing the details.

When drawing the foot from the back view none of the toes will be visible (as long as you are looking directly at the back of the foot close to eye level).


This tutorial covers some of the basics views/angles you can draw feet in. Of course there are many more. If you are having trouble you can always use real feet as reference.


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